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My passion is in creating pieces of artwork that share in your celebrations- big or small. Pearly’s services include everything from custom designed wedding invitations to branding + identity design to blog headers and hand illustrations. Check out my gallery to see what I’ve gotten my hands in to and if you don’t see what you are looking for, email me at carrie@pearlygatesdesigns.com.  I love new projects and challenges!


Carrie was born and raised in West Texas by a Socrates lovin’ Pa and a Hippie Artist Ma. They taught her that even the littlest things in life should be celebrated. From the green eggs and ham every St. Patricks Day breakfast to when she proudly brought a new pet possum to meet all of her friends at school, her childhood taught her to find joy in everything and to share in it with others.

Carrie studied design at the University of Texas as well as a semester in Italy, where she learned her love of color, pattern and their ability to empathetically connect. With a background in graphic design and illustration, she found her passion in creating artwork for client’s various celebrations, whether it be their wedding day or a new business venture. Now as the founder of Pearly Gates Designs, Carrie has the joy of spending her days designing and sharing in her client’s excitement and celebrations.

My Favorite Non-Holiday Holidays:

-My Pup Luna’s Adoption Day (she loves a good “yappy” hour!)

-Half Birthdays

-St George’s Day (ok so this one may not count since it is an actual holiday, but this one definitely needs to be on your calendar!)

-Pink Day- with our lopsided female family, this holiday is celebrated several times a year. It is all in the name- wear pink, make pinkalicious cupcakes and think pink!