Business Bombshell: The Crenshaw Sisters

Cren de la Cren


Why did you decide to start your own business?
K: There were plenty of reasons why I wanted to start my own business but I think the main reason was to have my own independence. As daunting as being on your own is, Austin is an amazing city where local business owners thrive. I wanted to make sure that I could instill authenticity in my genuine interest in what I do and in my relationships with my clients. It’s a constant battle to keep a good balance all around, but I absolutely love my job!

How did you first get interested in the makeup industry?
K: I’ve always loved makeup and what it can do for women but it was around when I first started wearing makeup that I wondered how it was made. The science and technology behind makeup products really peaked my interests enough to admit me into the University of Texas School of Natural Sciences as a Chemistry Major. Even though I ended up changing my major before graduating, I still dream of collaborating my own line with a team in a lab in a few years!

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What is the best advice you received about starting a new business?
K: My best friend’s father told me to treat every client as though they were your first and believe in yourself.

What is it like working with your sister?
K: It’s great! We share a lot of similarities in creativity and our differences in characteristics work well in collaborating. We have a lot of fun working together!

C: It’s very natural. We can see eye to eye more because we’re sisters and it’s more enjoyable to work with someone you’re so close with!

Describe your personal style in 3 words.
K: Comfortable, cool, eclectic.

C: Edgy, fun, ever changing.

What are your favorite tunes to jam to during a makeup session?
K: I change it up all the time depending on my mood or the client but some favorites on Pandora/Spotify: Florence+ the Machine, Mumford and Sons, Kings of Leon, RHCP, Rhye, classic rock, and 90’s are all great stations.

C: Frank Ocean, Lana Del Ray, something calming

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What products do you always have in your clutch for a night out on the town?

K: I at least have translucent powder, Dr. Lipps original balm, MAC kohl liner and mascara on me at all times. For a night on the town, I’ll add my lip products or the colored eyeliner I chose to wear in my purse.

Claire: BareMinerals Mineral Foundation & Blistex Chapstick for reapplying.

What current projects are you most excited about?
Right now we’re in the process of improving the blog. Hopefully we’ll have that content up soon! But wedding season is just around the corner and we are going to be busyyy, we are booked solid!

Any hot new lip or eye shadow colors, we should be coveting this spring?
There are plenty! Bold orange lips are popping up everywhere. Any range of purple from lilac to deep violet can be worn on either lips or eyes. Pastel and metallic eyeshadow are trending along with variations of bright blue/teal liner. Whether you decide to make it pop or mute it, color is in for Spring!

Thanks Katherine and Claire for being this month’s Business Bombshell’s!  Katherine was also the talented make up artist behind my “about page” picture. Katherine was so fun to work with and is amazingly creative in all she does (her at-home studio is so cute). 

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