Visiting Marfa, Texas


I grew up in West Texas and the rolling tumbleweeds, beautiful panoramics and charming small towns hold a special place in my heart. This past weekend, G and I decided it was high time we packed up and took the road trip to eclectically wonderful Marfa, Texas. From the delicious food trucks to the quirky teepees, this place is a must-visit hidden gem!

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  •  Marfa Burrito – this place feels like you walked in to someone’s kitchen and you can smell the homemade tortillas down the street. If you are looking for a simple yet delicious no-mess-around breakfast burrito, this is your place!
  • Frama/Tumbleweed Laundry– The coffee could be terrible (fyi it isn’t) and I would love this place just for their branding. The joint coffee shop and laundromat has a friendly staff, delicious lattes and quirky flavors of ice cream (rosemary and olive oil is a favorite).
  •  Do your Thing Coffee– This is attached to the Marfa Book Co. It is a great place to stop in and grab a quick pick me up! Follow their facebook and instagram to see what treats they are cooking up that day.


  • Food Shark– great lunch spot! It is a food truck serving mediterranean food in the desert. Major plus for being vegan/vegetarian friendly!
  • Pizza Foundation– Unfortunately, this place was closed during our visit, but the reviews make it sound incredible! They are currently moving to brick and mortar and are looking to open mid July 2015.


  • Maiyas – We loved the food here- super fresh and great menu. The ambiance is a a perfect place to relax and reminisce about the day’s adventures in Marfa. Reservations are recommended and I suggest requesting one of their window tables!
  • Museum of Electronic Wonders & Late Night Grilled Cheese – You cannot miss this place! It is an wacky rarity that you can only find in Marfa. It opens around 9:30pm and their staple is the classic grilled cheese- think gooey, toasty deliciousness. Also, enjoy being surrounded by old bubble tv’s, 8- tracks and other old school electronic marvels.


  • Planet Marfa – Enjoy cocktails in a teepee or with their mascot/bar parrot, Isabella, who stole my heart the moment I saw her! Order one of the local brews from the Big Bend Brewery and you will not be disappointed!
  • Padres – This is a great place to find live music, play an old school game of air hockey or meet some local artists. We were lucky enough to catch a Selena cover band that did not disappoint and the whole bar was on their feet dancing!


stay awhile-01

  • El Cosmico– this is a must see! From teepees to airstreams to pitching your own tent, there is no other hotel like it. We booked the eccentric yurt and every little detail of the interior was perfect! Even if you do not stay here (it books up quickly), go check it out and peruse their gift shop which has some great prints and treasures. Side note: be ready for no air conditioning and communal bathrooms (but I promise it is so worth it)

Marfa_yurtHotel Paisano– a beautiful historic building well known for housing the cast and crew from the James Dean film, Giant. They have a nice patio where you can enjoy happy hour with a great cocktail menu.


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  •  Prada Store- I had always wanted to see this and it definitely lived up to my expectations. It is a permanent art installation by artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset. I love the playful exploration of how our surroundings affect and influence our perspectives.
  • Marfa Book Co.– This was definitely one of G’s favorites! It is a cool minimalist space with a great selection of art and design books as well as carefully curated books on West Texas. They also hold popular events with authors traveling from all over the world so be sure to check their event’s calendar.
  • Chianti Foundation – On entering Marfa you will start to notice quite a few signs reading “Judd”, find out why by visiting the Chianti foundation and enjoying one of their guided tours of Donald Judds work held in an old POW camp. We were only able to catch a tour for Judd’s work, but I suggest trying to do a tour of the full collection (usually held in the mornings).
  • See West Texas- The road trip to Marfa is one of the highlights of the trip. If you have time, try to plan on hiking in the Davis Mountains in Fort Davis, a quick dip in the springs of Balmorhea, or a scenic drive through Valentine and Fort Davis.


*Big shout out to long time friend Erin Peircy for all of her suggestions and insider tips on planning the perfect visit to Marfa!

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